Use your NICAS skills to climb outdoors

Aimed at kids that are currently undertaking the NICAS or NIBAS schemes, these BMC and Sport England supported outdoor climbing days are just the thing to take your child’s burgeoning talents from resin to rock, develop their technique and build upon their interest in the sport.

Climbing on rock, as opposed to indoors, offers a whole range of new challenges whether that be route reading, footwork or simply dealing with the exposure of being outdoors.

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Under the watchful eyes of our fully qualified instructors, there can be no better way to take your child’s climbing experience to the next level

The change that we see in kids climbing movement and technique once they’ve climbed on real rock can be amazing, and on top of that it’s a great fun day out.

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Our Outdoor Courses run from February/March to October each year. Please check back for availability in early 2017.

Running at one of the great local climbing hotspots, book your space today and we will help you use the skills learned on our NICAS sessions to tackle some brilliant outdoor climbs!

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Courses have to be booked separately for each participant as only one place can be booked at a time. All participants will have to register independently on the online membership system, which is part of the booking process.

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